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Your Home, Designed for Your Life…
Build it right, now

Specialized in Working With What You Already Have
Consultations- With or without completed plans, and on the construction site or off. Design advice and education for custom homes and remodel plans at all stages of design and construction.
This Service is a Good Fit for You and your construction project if…
  • You are working with a builder, drafter, or architect and would like another set of eyes on the plans, to make sure every item on your Needs list and Wish list is planned for in the best way possible.

  • You worry about finding a drafter who’s also a great designer. A Floor Plan Page Only will give you the great design and then finding a drafter to draw the full plans becomes a much easier decision- and you can hand over the beginning of the project.

  • Construction is going well, but you’re concerned about making the right choices for built-in elements, door placement, lighting, paint, and other finishes.

  • You’re searching for an existing home for sale, but are not finding exactly what you want. A house that is “close” could be modified to be just what you want.

  • You’re working through the plans, or are in the build stage, but communication with your architect or builder leaves you confused. “Translating” the plans and decisions to you will allow for educated decisions.
There is no time like the present to lend a “designer’s eye” to your project. Let’s bring out the best version of your home so you have the best experience in your home.

My years of experience  with interior design along with designing and drafting plans for custom homes, remodels, and additions mean that I have a full understanding of every part of the process. I speak the language of your architect/drafter and your general contractor.

Design your home Right… Now. I look forward to being a part of creating a home you’ll love.
Your Home, Designed for Your Life.

guest house remodel drafting construction plans drawing the designers eye shawn barghout

Guest House Remodel Plans

Custom Home Design. Rendering by TrueMotionWorks.com    Custom Builder: MaxxBuilder.com

Options and Pricing

As with all my services, I am here for you throughout your project. Photos, text messages, phone calls, or emails with a quick question after our Consultation, etc. are a standard part of the services I offer. I happily support you as you move through your project at any point after our appointment and will talk to your contractor or drafter as well.

Consultation… $97 for one hour. $165 for 2 hours. $60/hour after.
Plan on 2 hours for most projects, unless it’s a very specific area of your plans that need adjustment. We meet to discuss your concerns and take a look at the plans. When we’re done, you’ll have the noted plans with a written, prioritized Action Plan to work from.

Consultation Package Discount… $395 for 6 hours. Up to 4 appointments in 6 months.
This package is perfect if you’re sure you’ll want professional guidance at various points during your construction adventure. Up to four appointments can be divided into one or two-hour appointments. During the appointments, we’ll talk over the plans or we can meet at the construction site as your project is being built. As always, I’m available for text/email support at any time. Package expires after 180 days. I understand that construction projects can take time. So this gives us time. B

Floor Plan Design Only… $0.45 per square foot* Minimum charge, $250.  
Design your home with “the designer’s eye” on your side, and ensure that your major investment is protected with function, and timeless style. Our time together will be spent making sure you have thought about every need for your home. Once complete, the floor plan can be printed and/or sent to the drafter of your choice. Architect and Drafter Contact information is available on the Drafter & Architect Resource Page.

"Specializing in working with what you have"