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interior design consultation and makeover tucson arizona the designers eye shawn barghoutWe’ll problem solve for all your interior design challenges and make the changes immediately! An Interior Design Room Makeover is the fastest path to satisfaction with your home. Space Planning, function, cohesive style, wall art placement, etc. Have you just moved in? This is the perfect time to bring in professionals to integrate the home’s best features with your existing furnishings. Your Home, Designed for Your Life. An Interior Design Makeover will also give you a prioritized Action Plan for any items we don’t get completed in the time you have.

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AFTER image of Home For Sale, with Staging Makeover, Consultation, and Support

Home Staging Makeover Options
2-Hour Makeover… $165
3-Hour Makeover… $225
5-Hour Makeover Discount Option… $325
2-4 Day Extreme Makeover… $1200
Additional Time after first two hours, at same appointment… $60/hour.
Additional Time after the 5-Hour Makeover, at the same appointment, is $50/hour.

Ask about

  • Additional fees to move furniture between floor levels and high ceiling art hangings.
  • Art and Accessories additions to complete Staging of rooms, if needed.


Once you’ve purchased your Home Staging Makeover, then you’ll be contacted to set an appointment. Can’t wait to work with you!
If there are design challenges we can’t solve for during the Makeover appointment, we can set aside time to note them in an Action Plan, including any shopping needs, local resources, etc.

Home Staging Makeover Changes Could Include…

Arranging furniture to ensure the best presentation of each space, to appeal most to the buyers for your market.

Space planning for your existing pieces and planning for new pieces; traffic flow and function of rooms and spaces; hanging artwork, preparing for the sale of the home; problem solving for child-safety, aging in place, etc. Ask if you’re not sure how much time you’ll need, but we can get a lot done in two or three hours! We can help you determine how much time you’ll need, which will depend on your needs, the size of your home, and the amount you want to budget for this service.

If we make a Consultation and Action Plan part of our time together, then you’ll have targeted design goals going forward. Additional conversation and planning might include color, layout, organization, shopping, contractor and shopping resources, future plans, Indoors and out, there are no limits on what we can solve for.

You have many choices for Makeover time packages and can always add in more hours if desired. We accomplish a great deal during all of the Makeover time options. We offer a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 7 hours allowed in one day. You’ll likely know the best choice for you, but we can help if needed. Read above for information on additional time availability. Most people choose the 4-Hour Makeover because of the size of most homes and projects to address. There are several Follow-Up options, including “In Your Neighborhood”, priced at $25 for 20 minutes. We’ve also got some great shopping options to assist you as you complete your home design.

Additional information


2 Hours- $165.00, 3 Hours – $225.00, 5 Hours – $325.00, Additional Hour – $60.00, Additional Hour Discount Package – $50.00

Makeover Process

The Home Staging Makeover Process

* We walk through the spaces that are giving you difficulty and the rest of the home
* Using the items you've indicated as possibilities, we create spaces that suit your style needs
* Any additional items to complete will be described in a prioritized Action Plan if needed
* We both get a copy of the notes
* I take photos in case you call with questions in the future
* I am available after the appointment for phone calls, texts, and emails for quick questions
about the information provided.
* We'll discuss relevant follow-up services, including shopping for additional items you want

Makeover Type

Interior Design- for Living, Home Staging- for Sale

"Specializing in working with what you have"