Shop-With-You Partnered Shopping For Staging

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This service is perfect for the seller who wants to take staging purchases to their new home. It allows you to be an active part of all the shopping decisions. Because solutions will often require more than one store, up to 45 minutes of driving time is included for 3 or more hours together (complete time would be 3 hours, 45 minutes, for example), starting at the first destination.  Any pre-shopping you’ve done will allow us to more effectively target stores. Your budget should, of course, play into what stores are chosen. I can recommend stores based on what items are your highest priority for assistance; or you can choose based on what you have seen and want guidance with.

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1 Hour – $65, 2 Hours – $130, 3 Hours – $195, 4 Hours – $260, 5 Hours – $325

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