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Specialized in Working With What You Already Have
Consultations, Makeovers, & Shopping Services

Creating functional, stylish spaces using your existing furnishings as a starting point. Which is your Challenge?

Function                                  Paint Color

Potential Remodel                The “Feel” just isn’t right

Meeting of the Minds            New Furnishings and Finishes

Aging in Place                        Redesigning with future plans to sell

Something Else Entirely

The Solutions to Your Design Challenges…
  • Function Stylish space planning and design-focused placement and organization resolve this challenge.

  • Paint Color No problem. We’ll talk through your preferences, furnishing colors, areas to highlight, and existing wall colors, selecting new paint colors from Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Franklin, Glidden, and Behr.

  • Considering a Remodel My architectural design and construction drafting experience will serve you well as we create the perfect layout and finish solutions. Looking for plans? See the Design to Build section.

  • The “Feel” just isn’t right You’re not alone! Many of my clients are “almost there”, but get stuck at some point. Discussions focused on your home’s design style and your design ideals will help figure out what’s making you feel that way.

  • Meeting of the Minds When spouses or other members of the household can’t agree, designing a home is tough! I’m a great moderator, helping all sides come to a meeting of the minds, to create a home everyone will love.
  • New Furnishings or Finishes Let’s look at what you have and then create a shopping list of new items that will integrate beautifully with the pieces you’ll be keeping, all within your budget.There’s an Action Plan for that!

  • Aging in place Changes made to the home that accommodate limited mobility issues, safety enhancements, and minimizing upkeep can result in a stylish and visually appealing home.

  • Redesigning with future plans to sell Find just the right information here for DIY tips: Staging Your Home for Sale, and here for an overview of what Staging accomplishes, as well as pricing for my professional assistance: Home Staging- Sell Your Home.

  • Something Else There are interior design solutions to any of your challenges.



office interior design makeover achieves function style and organization


Solving Your Challenges Through…
  • Consultations (We’ll create an Action Plan for you)  
  • Makeovers (We make the actual changes) 
  • Shopping Options (So many options!)
Specialized in Working With What You Already Have.
Options and Pricing

FREE Advice… $0!
That’s right. Free! Post a picture and question on The Designer’s Eye Facebook Page or Twitter Feed and I’ll respond to every one.

One of the best things about choosing The Designer’s Eye: I am here for you throughout the process! Photos, text messages, phone calls, or emails with a quick question after our Consultation, etc. are a standard part of the services I offer. I happily support you as you move through your Action Plan at any point after our appointment.

Consultation… $97 for one hour. $165 for 2 hours. $65/hour after. 
Plan on 2 hours for most projects, discussing anything and everything you want help with, including color, layout, space planning, organization, and shopping. Homes over 3000 sf are better off with 3 hours. Ask me if you’re not sure; it all comes down to how much we cover or how in-depth. When we’re done, you’ll have a written, prioritized Action Plan to work from. Need Recommendations for local shopping resources or other qualified professionals? I’ve got them and I’m happy to share!

Room Makeover… $165 for two hours; $65/hour after.
Let’s roll up our sleeves and make some changes! You’ll still get an Action Plan with tips on paint, etc. if needed; but the main focus of this service is creating instant changes your spaces need. How much we get done depends on what you’ve got to work with and the amount of time you schedule. But you’ll be thrilled with the results! As always, I’m here for you as you move through any remaining Action Items. This service is a minimum of two hours.  Three is recommended for most projects.  Ask if you’re not sure. 

Consultation/Makeover Package Discount… $395 for 6 hours. Up to 4 appointments in 6 months.
This package is perfect if you’re sure you’ll want professional guidance at various points during your interior design adventure. Up to four appointments can be divided into one or two-hour appointments. During the appointments, we can either Consult or Makeover areas as you work through your project. As always, I’m available for text/email support at any time during the process. Package expires after 180 days.

Shopping… Varies by Service
When there are decisions to be made, a little professional help on your side can go a long way! Choose from the different options to suit your needs, your budget, and your project.

Follow-Up Virtual Shopping Guide … $120. 
For up to two rooms. Detailed guide, with photo examples, links, delivered via email. Follow-up to a Consultation or Room Makeover. More rooms? No problem!
Shop-With-You Partnered Shopping … $65/hour.
This service allows you to be an active part of all the shopping decisions. Because solutions will often require more than one store, up to 45 minutes of driving time is included for 3 or more hours together (complete time would be 3 hours, 45 minutes, for example), starting at the first destination.  Any pre-shopping you’ve done will allow us to more effectively target stores. Your budget should, of course, play into what stores are chosen. I can recommend stores based on what items are your highest priority for assistance; or you can choose based on what you have seen and want guidance with. Bring a friend and split the cost! It may take a bit longer, but you’ll still save overall. Up to three friends at a time.
Shop for You “Treasure Hunt” … $50.
When I find it, I’ll let you know! Includes Pictures, location, and prices. Up to 5 items. Once we know what you need/want, I’ll take over the shopping duties for up to a 2 month period. You’ll receive a text message or email when your item is found. If you say yes, I’ll put the item(s) on hold (or credit card by phone) for you to pick up later, per store requirements. If no, then I’ll continue my search. Most items will be found sooner than that.
Shopping List- $75.
This is a useful tool as it gives you a detailed shopping list to guide all decisions; by room and by item, based on what I have seen in your home and based on your existing items/new purchases.


"Specializing in working with what you have"