Your Home, Designed for Your Life. It’s all about you.

There are several services I offer, but they all start with an independent consultation and from there, you can decide if you’d like full project management, periodic follow up consultations as you need them, or if you’re good to go after the first consultation. Okay, this is the page where all the words happen. If you prefer to start with photos, go to the Gallery for pictures. Which speak a thousand words.



$165/hour for independent consultations, whether your first or your fifth, with a one hour minimum. Additional time is prorated. Cost of first consultation is credited if you opt for full project management at any point. 


Collaboration… I view every project as a team effort, to create spaces that are unique to you. We will work together to discover what appeals most to you, and create a cohesive, appealing, updated plan around that, adjusting as we go. I will help you see the best vision for you and your spaces. This, of course, happens with the greatest results when I am fully involved, but I’m great at pulling together a direction and action plan in just one consultation. 

Color… It’s my passion. My wheelhouse. I want to see it to some degree in every project. Be prepared. It may only be a few accent pieces in a richly textured monochromatic aesthetic, but color will be my goal. 

Budget-focused… Smaller-budget projects are a bigger challenge, but I love a challenge! With careful planning and style exploration, we can achieve your dream of personalized, stylish, functional spaces.

Specialized in working with what you have… That may mean an inspiration wall color, or just a few accents, or an over-full room. Whatever your repurposing aspirations, we’ll work together to create cohesive spaces that function and feel great to be in. Design, like life, is a series of progressions.


Interior Design Services
Residential and commercial interior design, the way you want it. Furniture and decor, space planning, paint color, function, all to fit your style and budget.

Construction Design Services
New construction, remodels, additions… Whether you need plans created, plans reviewed, or demo and construction is underway, when the hammer hits the nail, let’s make sure it’s in the right spot!

Staging Consultation Service
When selling your home using your own furniture, a Consultation will give you the needed action plan to neutralize your home and create broad buyer appeal for your market, successfully freeing your equity for your next move.

Home Buying Consultation Service
Many homebuyers are faced with settling for less than perfect when shopping for their next home. When there is a budget for some remodel changes, a consultation at one or two homes before purchasing can help narrow the choices to the ones that are most likely to fit your needs and require the least amount of remodel dollars.

More Info

Why To Schedule

  • Just moved or just tired of your existing home, and you want a professional with you all along the way, creating beautiful, updated spaces.
  • Paint color selection
  • Space planning, function, traffic flow
  • Design guidance for new furniture and decor, or rearranging your own items, or something in between. I love working with what you already have!
  • Feedback on your ideas, to be sure you’re moving in the right direction as you tackle projects on your own. I love to support DIYers as they make over their homes.
  • Floor plans are in progress but you’re not sure things are getting laid out to the best advantage. Or you’re sure they’re not. Sometimes, we just aren’t being heard or understood. We’ll look over the plans together and put together a list of ideas and solutions.
  • No formal plans, but construction is happening and you’d like to walk through the ideas before walls come down, so to speak.
  • Selling your furnished home and need guidance to edit for broadest buyer appeal.
  • You’re a realtor and want to gift your seller professional guidance on preparing their furnished home to sell quickly and for top dollar by creating broad buyer appeal.

When To Schedule

  • Many clients wait until they’ve tried it on their own and are unhappy with the results. Hopefully, you’re reading this and deciding to schedule a consultation before costly mistakes are made.
  • If you’ve got a deadline, keep in mind that furniture can take months or weeks, or days, depending on where we’re purchasing from. Having a plan in place gives you knowledge and power to purchase in a timely manner.
  • If construction or trades are involved the best time is, ideally, when you’ve got a good amount of time before the painter comes. Or the demolition team. Or before the construction crew breaks ground. Call me. Whatever point you’re at, I’ll do my best to make it work for you.

What To Schedule

  • It all starts with a first consultation. From there, you can decide if you want a proposal for full project management, which is me involved in your scope of work from start to delightful finish. Or maybe you like to DIY and will schedule additional consultations as needed. Or maybe you just need paint color help, and one consultation is all you need. Whatever your goals, I’d love to be of help!


Contact Shawn to schedule an appointment or if you have more questions.