INTERIOR DESIGN... Love your home

Love Your Home Services: Consultation, Room Makeover, Shopping.  Your Home, Designed for Your Life. Every life is different and so is every home. Specialized in working with what you already have. Really. If your interior design goals are to make what you have work with a few new pieces, or nothing new added, we can make it happen! Shopping suggestions will be within your budget and design needs.

Does your home have too much of nothing you love? Space planning, paint, or kitchen layout challenges? Whatever your needs, when function or style are not what they should be, an interior design Consultation or a Room Makeover will provide all the right solutions.

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HOME STAGING... Sell your home.

 Sell Your Home Services: Consultation, Room Makeover, Shopping.

Your home needs to tell a story – the right story – when you are selling. Not everyone can afford to bring in a whole house full of furnishings and not everyone can move out of their home before it’s listed for sale. If you’re one of those people, you are my people!

 Working with what you have, we’ll create spaces that show off your home’s best features. Buyers will see your home at its very best, and you’ll still be able to function in the spaces while selling. Avoid unnecessary delays and price reductions. Start your listing off right!

Most Consultations will need two hours and Room Makeovers have a 2-hour minimum. Shopping services are optional.

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DRAFTING & DESIGN... Build your home

Build Your Home Services: Review and edit of just-starting or in-progress custom home, remodel, and room addition plans, through Consultations.

Does the home you’re building do everything you want it to do? Are the spaces sized properly to accommodate every part of your life, at all times of year? Do you want to be sure?  Whatever your construction project, having an interior designer look at your plans to check for flow, space planning, and function can make all the difference. Minor changes can have a huge impact on your final satisfaction with your new home.  Making those changes in the planning or construction stages will save a lot of money and frustration!

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    3D Wall Art. Creating Your own Special Look

    3D Wall Art. Creating Your own Special Look

    3D Wall Art.. While there is a lot of artwork out there, in all price ranges, and a lot of it would look great on your walls, not all of it will feel special to you…sometimes you want something… something “off the wall”

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    Clutter Busters to Save Your Sanity and Your Treasures!

    How to Store. How to Down-size clutter. Solutions to storage for children’s school artwork, books, magazines, knick-knacks, artwork, furniture. When the home is cluttered, the mind is cluttered, and no one feels their best! Use these easy, creative tips to get control of the “stuff” that can build up like a pressure on your chest, stopping you from enjoying your time in your home.

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    Does Vaping Leave a Residue in the Home?

    Vaping, or e-cigarettes, and the residue they leave on the surfaces in your home. Why this is important: Living in a clean home is important for calm and relaxing spaces. If you can’t get it clean, or if vaping leaves an odor, it will affect the buyer appeal of your home when selling. Health risks are yet to clearly identified by government and health organizations.

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