Your Home, Designed for Your Life!

I’m saying it again, because it’s so important. You deserve to have a home that serves you well; that represents your unique personality. Every project I work on is based on two simple ideas. The first is that a well designed home will support and encourage the life you want to be living; and second, that your home will reflect who you are and what you care about. Creating spaces that tells a story about you, and that you and your guests love to be in, is my ultimate success story. 

Collaboration, color, function, working with what you have; these are key components of what I do and my approach. Function is always of great importance. We’ll make sure every space functions and flows as best it can for you, then make it look great around that. Every project I have is approached as a collaboration with my clients, because my ultimate goal is to find the best function layout, then the design style that speaks to you, both as an overall aesthetic, and with individual pieces. Isn’t it great when there are items that tell a story of you? Whether they are new, or your personal pieces we incorporate into a room’s decor, these story pieces are vital to creating a home that feels lived in, not just occupied. If I’ve done it right, you and your guests will walk in and feel welcomed and will feel like they’re getting to know you a little bit better. And always within your budget goals.

My absolute favorite projects are still the ones that use what you already have as a starting point for your new design. Sometimes, what you already have is an empty home with a statement wall color, and sometimes it’s a house full of items that we need to edit and choose only the items that serve you best and make you happy to see. For example, I have done many kitchens where budget or other factors don’t allow for a full kitchen replacement, but painting cabinets, changing moulding at the top, etc. all make a major impact for an updated, fresh look.

Color, woods and other natural materials absolutely delight me when combined in a space. Bringing nature in with greenery (real or quality artificial) feeds our sense of connection to the outdoors and just makes spaces feel really good. Finding your color sweet spot is my sweet spot for a successful collaboration. Oh, how I love color. It will be a conversation in every project. For some clients, that will mean small pops of color in a tranquil, textured, monochromatic space. For others, it will be a full-on celebration of color. But first and foremost is finding what excites and appeals to you. From there, we’ll create your happy place.

My first full custom home design was constructed in 1994. Over the years, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with so many Arizona homeowners, all so varied in their home needs. Whether I’m helping to design a home from the ground up, prepare a home for sale, assisting new homeowners with design and color choices, or making design adjustments to under-construction homes, I embrace the challenge that each new client brings. It is a true pleasure to empower my clients with the knowledge and direction to participate in creating a home they’ll love, finding solutions from design frustrations. 


Can’t wait to meet you!

Shawn Barghout
The Designer’s Eye
Your Home, Designed for Your Life

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