3D Wall Art (three dimensional) Seems to be Everywhere…

While there is a lot of 3D wall art and artwork out there, in all price ranges, and a lot of it would look great on your walls, not all of it will feel special to you. And sometimes you want something really special, something “off the wall”.

You can buy, or have commissioned, beautiful, unique-to-you wall art. You can also create your own. Following are a few examples that give you something beyond what is offered at Home Goods, Crate & Barrel, etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with purchasing from mass production stores! There is plenty of interesting wall art to be found in chain stores, and a lot of it has a fun or sophisticated, artsy feel to it. Just make sure that you’re buying pieces that have a personal connection for you, so it feels like it was chosen or created particularly by and for you, rather than looking like a catalog layout for that particular store.

So, 3D wall art. As you consider what will work best for a particular spot in your rooms, sometimes adding a flat surface to a flat wall surface is not the best solution! 3D wall art can be actually on the wall, or it can hang from the ceiling or a wall hook, and simply be suspended in front of the wall. Of course, it can also be a sculpture that sits on the floor in front of the wall or sit on a shelf. Let’s talk a little about all options and the pros and cons.

3D Art Hanging on the Wall

Dimensional, or 3D, art that hangs on the wall is what most people think of when they consider alternatives to framed artwork. And it is certainly the easiest to find in stores and online, as well as at arts and craft shows. Here are some examples, from mass-produced to some one-of-a-kind artwork. As you can see, there are many directions you can take.

examples of three dimensional 3D wall art on walls for interior design purple flower_wood sculpture_metal red squares the designers eye tucson                candle holder 3d wall art kirkland home_interior design tucson

I especially like the idea of hanging items that wouldn’t normally be hung. Wrap them in wire, as I did with these bean pods, and hang them on hooks or nails. Anything that has special connection for you can be displayed in this way, making it extra unique because it’s three-dimensional. And on the wall. Which is super-cool and trendy, yet timeless.

plates on wall_aunt peaches_3d wall art_interior design       bean pods on wall_3d wall art_contents furniture tucson_interior design tucson      oars on wall_3d wall art_interior design tucson


With many pieces, you have the option to suspend the art from the ceiling or a wall hook that extends away from the wall. Think of the old macrame plant holders from the 70’s! But much more fashionable for our day and age. Placing art on the floor is also an excellent solution for some. Consider these options.

saguaro rib floor art_3d wall art_interior design tucson_tde

This example of nontraditional 3D artwork is beautiful. Owner-designed room.

plant art terrarium_3D wall art_interior design tucson_tde          bells hanging from ceilng_3D wall art_interior design tucson_tde

Prop it Up. On the Floor or a Shelf

Going back to the “flat art on a flat wall” challenge, one way to use that art in a more three-dimensional way is to place the piece on a stand or simply prop it against the wall; either from a shelf or on the floor, with large art pieces. Sculptural pieces, including interesting floor lamps, will also accomplish the goal of bringing in texture, layers, and three-dimensional interest to your wall space challenges.

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