Moving is stressful. And tiring. And confusing, exhausting, nostalgic… all that and more. In the midst of all those emotions, you’ve got to stay focused on packing, organizing, shuffling utilities, life, work, and sleep. But it’s also exciting and can be a positive experience that adds happy memories to this transition if the adults can keep things organized, positive, and quiet moments are taken along the way. And hang on to your sense of humor- you’ve got to live with these people!stress laughter moving day

While moving across town or even around the corner is still a great deal of work, there are some perks to it when compared with moving to another city. One of the benefits is that packing is often easier than when moving to another city. For instance, boxes can be left open, or not be boxes at all. Following are some tips to make your in-town move a little less stressful take stress out of moving when you can.

With any move, each person needs their own overnight bag or box, consisting of toothbrush, homework/work projects due soon, pj’s, clothing for one day, phone charger, book, medicines, tablet, etc. Whatever is vitally important to each person; pretty much like you’d pack for an overnight trip. 

pack bag for pets when moving
Packing an overnight bag is important for pets too! They’re awfully stressed out at times like this and everything you can do to help them adapt is one step further away from “accidents” in the new house, stress chewing, etc. Let them visit the new house with you when you’ve
got a few things there already and don’t leave them at the new house until you’ve got their bed, blanket, toy, water bowl, and other comfort items all set up. And be sure you’ve already got your beds or other large furniture pieces there, so your four-legged family member more easily understands that you’ll be coming back.
HOUSE NECESSITIES BOX: toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, paper towel, scotch tape, paper, pen/marker, coffee mugs/coffee (tea, etc), water bottles for each of you, flashlights for anyone without a cell phone, trail mix and/or snack bars (survival food), paper plates.
BEDROOM NECESSITIES BOX find blankets easily during a move
Sheets, pillows, and a blanket for each bed. This can be all in one box or individually boxed. But have them and get them to the house early, and put immediately into a bedroom(s) where they can be found and not buried under other boxes. 
  • Do the cleaning before you move anything into the house. Shelf liners, etc. I know this isn’t always possible, but try really hard. It’s worth it!
  • Put the beds together first, so you can fall into them whenever you’re ready. when moving, put beds together first.
  • Office/work stations are a top priority for organization, so you’re not stressing about missing important deadlines or appointments.
  • The Kitchen. Know where the coffee maker is, the tea cups and bags, the cereal for the kids… Even if you move them later, unpack, set up, and put away the things that will get you through the morning or end of day without a meltdown!
  • Use towels, etc to pack dishes and other fragile items that will come out right away. That way, you don’t feel compelled to clean dishes that have been wrapped in newspaper or packing paper.
  • Socks are great for small breakables, to hold random bits and pieces, and around smaller glass lamp globes/shades. Pair the owner of the socks with their items whenever possible. And double up to keep both socks together, or they may never get back together!
  • Lamps, floor lamps, other long/awkward breakables are best propped up on something to take pressure off the shade and other delicate points. Be sure the shade can’t be bumped or squished.
  • Garbage bags are great for items that can be quickly taken out and the garbage bag can then be used again.
  • Keep everything in the drawer, take it out of the dresser/piece of furniture and stack to move. Makes the furniture lighter too.
  • Headboard bolts, etc. can be taped to the frame, in a plastic ziploc bag- labelled just in case.
  • What CAN be kept together SHOULD be kept together. Don’t make yourself reassemble anything that won’t be harmed in the moving process.
  • Create calm views in each room. Don’t let the boxes get too spread out in any room. Even if the boxes in the bedroom are stacked to the ceiling, throw a blanket over them at night so you’re not looking at them while you are in bed. In the TV or other relaxation room, make sure that your primary view is not of the boxes (visual reminders of more work to be done) so you have a better chance of relaxing when you’re done for the day.
  • Office, work rooms get top priority for organization. Less stressful.
It’s common to want to save money where we can. It’s also common to overdo things and end up cranky, exhausted, out of resources, and possibly injured. Get help when you need it. Take some time to think through what you can reasonably do in the time allowed and decide if you’ve got money in your budget to hire some things done. And remember, while friends are awesome free labor, we don’t want to burn through all our “friends credits” in one weekend! They need a break too.
  • ODDS n ENDS is one of my favorite Tucson resources for pretty much any odd job you could want them to do. They’re careful, quick, and affordable!
  • MADDOGZ is a local moving company that I’ve always had a positive experience with. They’re always busy, but still manage to get to customers quickly.
    520- 250-7795. get help with moving for less stress