Ready to tackle some of that build-up from the holidays? As Spring pulls us out of doors, we want our indoors to match the open freshness so we can enjoy it all the time. A good cleaning can make our homes feel fresh and new!

Have a particularly challenging item or category with no solution? Ask! I’m happy to provide answers. Happy Spring!

General Cleaning Tips

Clean from the top down. To avoid soiling just-cleaned surfaces, start with the ceiling fans and high bookcases, and then move on to shelves, tables, floors, etc.
Clean by task, not by room. Gather the supplies for one task and complete only that for the entire house, rather than trying to clean everything in a room at once.
Seal grout. Whether on your floors or counter tops, grout is a cement, and is porous. Seal it with a professional product to block stains from forming, which will make cleaning easier and more productive.
Don’t put off repairs and touch-ups. A common excuse for delay is because you’re going to paint, etc. at some point.  Having your home in its best possible condition at all times will make you feel better in it. Do what you can now. You’ll feel good about every finished project and appreciate your home more.
Dry-dust first.  For very dusty areas, get rid of the loose dust with a dry cloth or vacuum first, then use a wet cloth to remove stuck-on dirt.
Change cleaning cloths often.  Dry cloths will start leaving a trail, so shake them out frequently and change as needed.  Wet cloths will start to leave behind a smell.  Change often for truly clean results!
Freshen carpets and rugs. Sprinkle all carpets and rugs with baking soda; let set for 1 hour and then vacuum.
Intercept the clutter. If bags and papers tend to collect on the dining room table (or other space), create an easy-to-use gathering place somewhere between the door and the table. Even if it’s in the dining room, a set of shelves or a few hooks on the wall may be the solution to a room that always feels messy.

Easy Solutions for Tough Cleaning

Clean all glass. Horizontal and vertical reflective surfaces that shine will help the whole house look better. Windows, mirrors, vases, computer screens, tables, etc. for a quick sparkle. Simple vinegar and water can clean these areas easily. Recycle your newspaper for additional streak-free effectiveness.
Ceiling fan blades. Slide a king size pillowcase over the blade. Tie open end. Rub top and bottom of blade through the pillow case thoroughly, to loosen all dust. Slide case off, snugly holding it at the open end, to bring all loose dust with it.  Wipe with damp cloth after. Repeat.
Hard water stains on faucets and shower glass. Soak with vinegar and water mix, for 1 hour. When clean, spray with Rain X, a water repellent.  For cleaning stubborn areas on GLASS ONLY, use steel wool (NOT SOS pads or Brillo pads!).
Appliances. Another cleaning project that makes us groan. Make it a regular thing and it’ll be super quick to do. Microwave messes can be cleaned quickly right when the mess occurs. A weekly wipe down catches anything we don’t notice right away.
Freshen carpets and rugs. Sprinkle all carpets and rugs with baking soda; let set for 1 hour and then vacuum.

Areas We Sometimes Forget

Walls. Murphy’s Oil Soap or dish soap works well for most painted surfaces. It’s gentle but effective. Use caution with flat paints. Test a hidden area first. Rinse with a clean damp cloth.
Inside Cabinets and Drawers. Yes, this is a good idea and necessary. Take a look under your sink. Or in the silverware drawer. Uh-huh. You’ll feel better every time you walk into the room!
Baseboards and floor edges.
 Use vacuum attachments or a dry sponge mop to loosen and remove dust.  Vacuum along the base to thoroughly clean all the corners and edges where the baseboard meets the flooring.
Window tracks. Vacuum; clean corners with dry green scrubber pads or firm, dry paint brush; vacuum again. You may also need to wipe the tracks out with a wet cloth.
Medicine cabinets. Remove unneeded items and clean all surfaces. Clean the outside top and sides of the cabinet. Safely dispose of expired medications.
Doors, particularly around knobs. Murphy’s Oil or dish soap usually does the best job to clean without damaging paint or wood stains but be sure to rinse with a clean damp cloth.

Your house; your list! We all have spots we tend to avoid cleaning and they’re different for everyone.  What are those things you always hope your guests won’t notice? Those are the cleaning projects you need to tackle!